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Anti Lock Brake System Services, Burnaby

What is an Anti-Lock Brake System?

This is a safety feature that all cars have, which helps prevent your car’s wheels from locking and ultimately skidding in an emergency. This feature is essential as it can save you from many unsafe and risky situations. They help you have more control and power over your vehicle, especially on slick and slippery surfaces. The purpose is to prevent skidding, which is often caused due to the wheels of the car locking. When the wheels don’t lock, you can maintain more traction in the wheels and steer to a safer location, and eventually come to a halt.

The way these mechanism works is quite interesting. The ABS has electronic sensors and pressure pumps, which can sense the car’s speed, the wheel slip, and the external force applied to the brakes. When they exceed a specific limit, indicating a skid or an obstacle that might cause your car to skid, the ABS pumps the brakes, which is way safer and more effective than when a person applies them. This intelligent mechanism keeps drivers safe in all types of sticky situations.

Why is my ABS light on?

Several reasons may lead to the light of your ABS turning on. Here is a little bit about the different causes and why that happens.

  • Malfunctioning of the traction control system: It is essential to know that the ABS is closely related to your car’s traction control system. By this, we mean that they share a few standard components. This can complicate the functioning as they might interfere with each other occasionally. It can be that your traction control system might have something faulty going on with it, causing your ABS light to light up.
  • Less fluid in the fluid reservoir: The brake systems these days are all hydraulic brakes, which means that it needs a certain level of fluid in the fluid reservoir for the brakes to function properly without any hiccups. If a leak in the fluid reservoir has gone unnoticed, then the fluid level might slowly decrease over time, causing your brakes to be ineffective. This might lead to your ABS light turning on.
  • Broken wheel speed sensors: The wheel speed sensors are pivotal for the ABS to work accurately. It can sense the speed of the wheels and activate the ABS if needed. If one of the sensors gets dirty or stops working, the ABS light will let you know by turning it on so that you can call a mechanic to fix this issue ASAP.
  • Your ABS is turned off: Yes, you read that right. You can turn your ABS on and off. Sometimes, if it is left off, the ABS light will indicate it so that you can turn it on for your safety and the safety of others on the street.

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