Alternator Repair in Burnaby, BC

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What is an alternator?

An alternator is one of the most important parts of a car, without which a car would not even start in the first place! To explain in the simplest terms possible, the alternator’s job is to maintain the car’s engine. An alternator ensures that our car’s battery is fully charged and supports the other parts of the car that also need electricity, like the AC, the radio, and more. An alternator uses the engine’s power to generate electricity to keep the whole mechanism running. The engine power is transmitted to the alternator, which is done through the serpentine belt. That is why mechanics stress that your serpentine belt needs to be in top-notch condition.

Vehicle alternator service or replacement

An alternator is the backbone of the functioning of a car. It is responsible for keeping your vehicle’s electrical components running without your battery running out of charge. If you are facing an issue with the electrics of your car, the chances of something being wrong with the alternator are pretty high. In such a situation, Instant Car Repair, Burnaby, is happy to be of your service. When you suspect an issue, just pick up your phone, call us, and tell us what you need. We’ll be right there with all the necessary tools to ensure that your alternator is as good as new. A healthy alternator is equal to a  healthy car.

How can Instant Car Repair Burnaby help?

We are well known in the Burnaby area for our convenient and affordable auto repair services and inspections. Automobiles are our passion, and we take great pride in our team, which has some of the city’s most experienced and professional mechanics. We aim to make auto services and inspections a breeze, so we offer to come to the car owner’s location and carry all the tools that might be needed for a quick and hassle-free experience. Our customers always keep coming back for more! The folks on Burnaby swear by our services, and if you are struggling to find a good mechanic in your area, look no further; we’re here to your rescue!


When it comes to replacing or fixing alternators, our approach is to do a thorough inspection and report our findings to the car’s owner in terms they can understand. Our car is our prized possession, and we would like to know what it is going through and what we can do to keep it in the best condition possible. For this reason, we ensure that we keep our customers in the loop at every step, giving them the most affordable and viable option available.

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