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Using our Instant Car Repair services in the Burnaby area, you can now call in for any requirement from wherever you are. We will dispatch a team of well-trained, experienced mechanics to ensure that your car gets the best possible care. You can now be assured of some of the best repair and maintenance work at the most competitive prices possible!

How do the brakes of your car work?

It is imperative to have well-functioning brakes, without which driving can be very unsafe for you and others on the road. The brakes are an integral part of the driving experience, and without knowing much about them, it is pretty challenging to understand them and protect them from wear and tear. 


Almost all cars these days have brakes on all four wheels, which function together with the help of a hydraulic system. More often than not, the front wheels have disc brakes, and the rear wheels have drum brakes, based on the efficiency and overall usage of the brakes.


If you think about it simply, you can bring a huge vehicle to a halt by applying pressure on a pedal with your foot. While this is an effortless action, many physics and science are behind the scenes. The braking system has the impressive capability of translating the tiny force exerted by our foot into a much bigger force, which aids in stopping the car. Hydraulics are a big part of the brakes of a vehicle. When you hit the brake pedal, the piston inside starts to move, releasing a hydraulic fluid, referred to as brake fluid. When this fluid flows all over, it helps create friction between the brake pads. And with enough friction, the car eventually comes to a halt. But if even a small fault occurs within this simple yet complex process, it could lead to ill-functioning brakes, costing you and the people around you their safety.

What do brake pads do?

Would you believe it if we told you that the first ever brake pads were just a block of wood back in the 1890s? Over time, technology has had many makeovers, leading us to the brake pads we know today. The role brake pads play in the whole braking system is that they are the parts that come in contact with the rotors of the brakes, which generate friction. When the hydraulic fluid is released, it goes down to the brake callipers, engaging your brake pads. The brake pads then put pressure on the rotor and eventually create the necessary friction to bring your car to a halt. Can you believe how quickly this entire system comes into play to stop your car? If you notice that you have hit the brake pedal, but the car stops after a while, then there is something wrong with your brakes, and you need to check them.

Warning signs that you need to watch out for -

  • You notice excessive vibrations when you press on the brake pedal.
  • You can see your car drifting in one direction when you hit the brake.
  • When you hit the pedal, you can tell that the brake pedal has become soft and spongy.
  • You feel the need to apply excessive pressure to get your car to stop.
  • You hear a loud grinding or screeching noise when you press the pedal.
  • You find your vehicle losing its grip when you brake.
  • You see the warning light on your dashboard light up.

Services we provide under brake repair -

At Instant Car Repair, Burnaby, we offer the following services and many more to ensure that your car is in optimal health.

  • Thorough brake inspection: This helps diagnose any problems you might face with your brakes.
  • Replacing the brake pads: Due to overuse, the brake pads can get too worn out, which will need you to get new brake pads.
  • Servicing the brake pads: If your current brake pads are not too ruined and can be salvaged with the help of some servicing, our team will happily do that for you!
  • Servicing the brake drums: Taking the drums apart, cleaning them, and putting them back together.
  • Replacing the brake shoe: This is applicable for just drum-style brakes.
  • Replacing the brake fluid: Sometimes, when the brake fluid is loaded with debris and dirt, it can impact the functioning of the brakes. In such situations, changing out the fluid is highly advisable.
  • Fixing any brake fluid leaks: A leak in the system can impact and harms the braking system.

Book a Brake Inspection Today for only $40.:

 We will inspect the following components:


  • Brake pads and shoes
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Rotor and drum wear
  • Brake Calipers
  • Wheel cylinders
  • All brake hardware
  • All hoses and lines
  • Master cylinder

All the brake repair work is performed by a certified mobile mechanic that will come to your home. We can complete all the above work right on your driveway and have options for every budget.

We are open from 8am - 6pm Monday to Saturday