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Like every well-oiled machine, even your car will have the misfortune of having something wrong. And guess what? It only worsens if you ignore that minor issue in the initial stages. To avoid reaching a point beyond return, the best practice is to immediately take your car to the auto shop for a touch-up. Don’t have the time or the energy to go to the auto shop yourself? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Call us, and we will have some of the most experienced mechanics come down to your location to diagnose the problem with your car. 

Be it trouble with your engine, brakes, or headlights; after diagnosing the issue, we will be more than happy also to give you solutions and fix the problem for you.

I’ve been hearing some strange noises coming from my engine. What’s that about?

People often hear a strange knocking sound emerging from their engine. This sound can be due to many factors, some minor and some indicating bigger problems in the system. The causes of this could be – 

  • Low octane ranking of the fuel: The octane ranking refers to the fuel’s ability to put off the early ignition of the air-fuel mix inside the engine. This burning of the air-fuel mix can cause a knocking sound inside the engine. You can easily avoid this by getting fuel that has a high octane ranking. Make sure to consult your mechanic to know how high it should be. You can also invest in an octane booster, readily available at most auto shops.
  • Excessive carbon deposits: When gas mixes with oxygen, it generates a by-product of carbon. This carbon can get deposited on the valves, spark plugs and other engine parts. Regularly cleaning this is necessary. If not done, the strange noise will continue to come from the engine, and the engine’s efficiency will also reduce.
  • Get your spark plugs checked: It is possible that the spark plugs may not be appropriate for your car. Just one small incorrect part used in your vehicle can cause severe damage in the long run, so make sure that the spark plugs are best suited to your car.

Make sure that whenever you hear these noises, you call us so that we can dispatch our highly skilled mechanics to handle the issue and stop it from getting worse.

Instant Car Repair Burnaby - Your go-to mechanic for all your car needs!

If you are in Burnaby, struggling to get a reliable person to have a look at your vehicle to ensure that it is in the best condition possible, your search stops here! At Instant Car Repair Burnaby, we focus on how we can make this experience as smooth and stress-free as possible for our customers. We handle all types of inspections and diagnostics, from tire pressure monitoring and traction control system check to complete engine diagnostics. We do it all! And the best part? Get it all done from the comfort of your home or office. We promise to give you timely and affordable services and leave you with a car that seems as good as new! To top it all off, we also provide emergency services like towing and remote battery replacement.

What is the importance of getting my car regularly inspected and repaired?

The day you become a car owner, you also get a lot of responsibility. One of your primary responsibility is to get your vehicle regularly inspected. Apart from being a pivotal reason for lower maintenance costs, there are many other reasons why professionals encourage you to get regular car inspections, some of them being – 


  • Regular inspection can help you catch and fix significant issues early on, reducing the impact.
  • Your maintenance cost reduces significantly.
  • You can ensure that your car follows all the government-set regulations. This is a must for your safety and the safety of others on the road.
  • It is way more sustainable to get regular checks rather than spending hours at the auto shop once in a blue moon, indulging in maintenance that burns a hole in your pocket.
  • You’ll receive a certificate saying that your vehicle is up to date and completely fit to be on the road.
  • If you are planning to give your car away, then getting your car inspected is the right thing to do,  morally speaking. The next owner of the car would know what they are getting into and be assured of the quality of the vehicle.
  • Your car’s brakes will stay smooth and highly responsive, giving you a great driving experience.
  • It is also better for the environment to get your vehicle regularly inspected, as you can keep a check on the amount of emissions your car is releasing.
  • You can also have the visibility and clarity of the windscreen checked out, which will prevent any accidents caused due to blurry vision.

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